Type Rating Revalidation During Coronavirus Lockdown

There are many aspects of the current restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus lockdown.

One aspect of which is ensuring your helicopter ratings can remain valid which is normally achieved by means of Proficiency Checks.

The CAA have issued an exemption ORS 1374 which contains procedures to enable licence holders to extend the validity of type ratings (and medical certificates) by means of
a briefing from a Flight Examiner.

For those pilots whose ratings expire between 16th March 2020 and 31st October 2020, a briefing may be given to extend the rating until the expiry of the exemption currently, 22nd November 2020.

The briefing and paperwork may be conducted remotely, so if your ratings are due to expire during this period, and you want to revalidate, you should contact me before your expiry date and book a time to complete the briefing.

Each briefing will take approximately one hour and will be type specific. It will cover theoretical knowledge applicable to type and cover normal and abnormal procedures. Whilst it is a briefing, it will be an interactive process and you will be expected to demonstrate the expected level of knowledge as if you were presenting yourself for a Proficiency Check.

Briefings are type specific and only one type rating will be renewed at a time, so you should first focus on the earliest occurring expiry.

Briefings can be conducted remotely, e.g. by FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or similar.

For more information, email dbickley@aeromega.com.