Cambridge Helicopters Ltd & Aeromega History


Aeromega Helicopters is the trading name of Cambridge Helicopters Ltd.

Cambridge Helicopters Ltd was founded by ex-navy Seaking and Lynx pilot Commander Philip Sheldon in 1997 to provide high quality helicopter training to both private and professional sectors. Having been a QHI (A2) (Instructor) in the navy, he was very well qualified to quickly establish a 228reputation for providing well rounded and thorough Flight Instructor Courses. Philip is pictured here (right) with current MD Duncan Bickley.

The Aeromega name was first coined at Stapleford in Essex back in the 1970’s when they were a Commercial Operator in the days when helicopters were beginning to be seen as versatile assets which could be used in a variety of roles.

G-BYZADuring several changes of ownership, Aeromega grew to provide pilot services & engineering services to 3 county police forces and operated helicopter charter and filming / photography services.

In 2002, Cambridge Helicopters Ltd purchased Aeromega Ltd and the helicopter training school at Cambridge was rebranded under the Aeromega banner. Following the decision of the police to employ their own pilots directly, Aeromega withdrew from  commercial flying and concentrated on helicopter training.

July 2013 025 - CopyIn 2004, Captain Duncan Bickley took over as Head of Training and he is always delighted to assist any of aspiring pilots by answering questions and giving constructive advice. In 2015, Duncan took a stake in the company and became Managing Director.



Why not come in and see us for a “no obligation” chat about your ambitions – we’ll be happy to talk you through the options.

We currently provide the following products:

Introductory Helicopter Lessons – a taster for the adventurous;

Private Pilot Licence (Helicopter) Training – for those who want to fly helicopters recreationally or embark on a career as a helicopter pilot;

Type Rating Training – conversions onto different types of helicopter – R22, R44, R66 or Bell 206 Jet Ranger;

Commercial Pilot Licence (Modular) Training – Flight Training for those aspiring to fly professionally;

Flying Instructor Courses – Teaching CPL’s how to teach flying to others;

Mountain Flying – Alpine Experiences for those who want to challenge themselves;

Radio Telephony Courses – Training to permit you to use an aviation radio;

City Tours and Pleasure Flights – Sightseeing adventures tailored to your requirements around Cambridge

Charter and Commercial Work – Point to point charter in our 4 passenger R66 helicopter to get you to sporting or cultural events, family occasions or holiday breaks.

DSC_0128Over the years we have taught hundreds if not thousands of people to fly and most will readily admit that it is the most challenging and rewarding thing they have ever done. Come and join this wonderful community and be one of the few people who can honestly say that they can fly a helicopter!