R66 Helicopter Charter Flights

We are “over the moon” to announce that we can once again provide charter flights using the versatile Robinson R66 helicopter.  Thanks to our friends at MDS CivilG-RMAR Engineering Ltd and our colleagues at Heliair Ltd, we have recently commenced public transport, charter flights to meet your bespoke transport requirements.

Fast, efficient, point to point flights can get you to and from your appointment or engagement with minimal fuss and stress.

Arrive or depart in style at your wedding, a sporting event, your prom or a May ball.

Call our charter department on 01223 294488 or e-mail us at cambridge@aeromega.com


Useful information

We can carry up to 4 passengers plus luggage (subject to weight limitations) and can take off and land from suitable sites with permission of the land owner.

The cost depends on your specific requirements, so we need a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve before we can provide an indicative quote.  Prices start from £600 plus vat.

To obtain a quote you will need to provide us with the following information:

Postcodes for any departure and landing site;

Approximate weights of all intended passengers;

Times for departures or arrivals (NB: charters must be completed between sunrise and sunset, no night flying permitted).