Safety Notice for Carrying Passengers

Robinson Helicopters have raised safety notice SN 44 Carrying Passengers regarding the additional risks of carrying passengers. It underlines the importance of a thorough safety briefing for all passengers before flight which is a legal requirement anyway.

A useful video has been produced to remind pilots of their obligations when taking passengers flying.  Please watch this video and ensure you adopt similar practices to those mentioned.

The Safety Notice also goes on to recommend minimum hours for newly rated pilots to carry passengers. Whilst Safety Notices are useful in identifying areas of increased risk, they are not mandatory.

Aeromega customers are well trained and we already have a framework to support and monitor newly rated pilots who wish to self fly hire helicopters carrying passengers.  In completing our risk assessment, we have produced our own guidance on how the risks identified in this Safety Notice will be mitigated. All rated pilots are requested to read and absorb the recommendations and be aware of the requirements of our framework.