Effective 1st August 2019

Introductory Lessons/ Sightseeing Tours

Due to relocation, Aeromega Helicopters are no longer selling vouchers for Introductory Lessons or Sightseeing Tours. Vouchers for such flights may still be purchased through Virgin or Into the Blue.

Training (PPL & TRT)

  • Robinson R22   Pro Rata   £300 /HR ex. VAT
  • Robinson R22   Prepaid     £295 /HR ex. VAT  (Min payment £3,000)
  • Robinson R44   Pro Rata   £450 /HR ex. VAT
  • Robinson R66   Pro Rata   £600 /HR ex. VAT
  • B206 Jetranger Pro Rata   £600 /HR ex. VAT

     Plus a landing fee of £17.50 + VAT per sortie

Instructor Only

  • £125.00/HR ex. VAT (plus fuel, plus landing fees)

Self Fly Hire

  • Robinson R22   Pro Rata   £245 / HR ex. VAT
  • Robinson R44   Pro Rata   £395 / HR ex. VAT
  • Robinson R66   Pro Rata   £545 / HR ex. VAT

    Plus a landing fee of £17.50 + VAT per sortie


Professional Training (CPL & FIC)

  • Robinson R22  Professional Training Rate    £285 / HR ex. VAT

plus ground school / booking fees:- 

  • FIC Ground School Fee: £3,500 + VAT.
  • Commercial Course Booking Fee: £500 + VAT

Groundschool & Exams

  •  Ground school   (PPL & TRT)  £50 per hour + VAT
  •  Ground Exams   £45 each (no VAT)

Check & Test Fees*

  • Proficiency Check      £185 +VAT (Company aircraft)
  • Proficiency Check      £195 +VAT (Own Aircraft)
  • Type Rating Test       £200 +VAT
  • PPL Skills Test          £350 +VAT
  • FI Revalidation AoC  £350 +VAT
 *(Not including helicopter hire, landing fees or travel expenses)
Payment Policy.
Please be aware that is not our policy to extend any credit facilities to customers. Either sufficient funds should be deposited on account to cover any flying planned or accounts must be settled before leaving for the day. (NB. Separate arrangements apply to professional courses).
Aeromega Helicopters reserve the right to add late payment fees to the invoices of any customers leaving the premises without making satisfactory arrangements to settle their account. 
Discounted rates for monies placed on account are not available on payments made by credit card.
Bookings are taking on the understanding that customers will give at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation. The company reserves the right to charge a fee of up to £100 for each lesson cancelled with less than the required notice.  (Cancellations due to weather and sickness are excepted).