Robinson European Safety Course

We are delighted to have arranged a Robinson European Safety Course with industry guru Richard Mornington-Sanford. The course is scheduled for the 3rd & 4th December 2016, and is very good value at £300 + vat per person.  Please call the office on 01223 294488 to reserve a place.

Dick Sanford factory-training-

Richard demonstrating which bit goes where!

The course is aimed at PPL (H) holders, owners and students nearing test. It is extremely interesting and we can’t recommend it too highly.  All attendees gain better understanding of and greater respect for helicopters. Richard will be imparting the latest safety information available from around the world, so this is your chance to hear it “from the horses mouth”. Check his website for more insight.

To complete the course, you will also have a one hour flight (not included in the above cost) with an approved Safety Course Instructor, when we will look at some of the issues raised.  Upon completion, your certificate may make hiring in other countries easier and might even reduce insurance costs.

Some Aeromega customers have already done this course 3 times; a favourite quote is “You always learn something new… and that might save your life!”

Subjects covered include:-

Incident and Accident Reviews & Statistics Root Causes

CRM and Human Factors, Threat & Error Management

Regulatory Updates & EASA FCL developments

Rotary Aerodynamic Phenomena

Engineering & Technical Explanations

 The course is open to all pilots, owners and students – not just our existing customers. So we’ll be delighted to welcome anyone hoping to improve their safety awareness.