Pledge-a-Pint UK Helicopter Tour 2019

A new challenge for you all – please support Dan Mercer on
his Pledge A Pint Tour of the UK. Dan will be flying around the entire UK coast in June 2019, stopping off at various key locations to raise awareness of the need for new blood donors. For more information, please visit the tour website

Dan learned to fly a helicopter with us several years ago – starting on the Robinson R22 two seater, he then graduated to the Robinson R44 – a four seat version with greater range which he will be using for the trip.

Dan will be accompanied by Capt. Duncan Bickley, Head of Training at Aeromega as they set off from Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge to circumnavigate the UK. Duncan thinks this kind of adventure is exactly what private helicopter pilots should be tackling to develop their skills and experience. However an extra pair of eyes will definitely help Dan complete the challenge safely.

Duncan has been a blood and platelet donor on and off for over 40 years. “It’s very easy to get of of the habit of giving blood if you have a cold or need medication for a while – so hopefully Dan’s trip will give a nudge to remind any lapsed donors to Pledge a Pint but its new donors we really need!”

Flying around the UK is a challenge that Dan has long wanted to undertake and he has good reason to help find new donors – see his story by following the link below.

If you are not already a blood donor, we’d love you to support us by signing up at and Pledge that Pint.

Once we set off, you can follow the progress of the trip by satellite using the Iridium link on the Pledge a Pint website