Paris Heliport

Great New Opportunity – Weekend in ParisFacebook

Last winter Duncan obtained his Site Qualification to use the Paris Heliport and Heliroutes. He is now able to fly with licence holders right into the heart of Paris and land at the Issy Les Moulineaux Heliport.

This is just 2 hours’ flight time from Cambridge and
we can clear customs without stopping off.  This provides a great opportunity for day trips or a weekend break, particularly if we use the R66. Duncan will be setting aside several weekends during the next 8 months to take advantage of this opportunity. We can only accommodate one ship trips for the time being, so why not take the family for an unforgettable weekend.

I know many of our existing customers will relish the chance to experience Paris from the air. Here are a few pictures taken last weekend to whet your appetite but see the Facebook page for more.

Normal instructed rates will apply plus a trip fee of £150 + vat payable as a deposit.