“Nighthawk” Flying Experiences

R44 Night Sunset R22


Now that the clocks have changed, the dark evenings are upon us.  This makes it hard to stay current during the winter months as days are short and the weather is less dependable.

Why not take the opportunity to experience flying at night? It is an amazing experience and you will learn a great deal in a very short time.  You don’t need a full night rating (15 hours) but you can  get a valuable insight into Night Flying in just a couple of hours with an instructor.


You will get real value from understanding the difficulties you might encounter when it starts to get dark!  During December and January, we can start night flying as early as 16:00 and go on to 20:00, so why not book in with Duncan for a couple of sessions. Duncan has been night flying at Cambridge for 18 years and has overseen 20 + night ratings.

Prices and fees are charged at our normal rates and can be arranged through Operations, please give us a call on 01223 294488.