Ian Talbot – CPL (H) Modular Course Graduate

We are all delighted for Ian Talbot, – now Captain Ian –  who completed his CPL (H) Modular course with Aeromega Helicopters in July 2013.  Ian completed his skills test with a CAA appointed examiner on the 16th July in an R44.  Ian is an extremely experienced aviator, having ratings on the R44, B206, MD500, EC120 and Enstrom 480 as well as being an instrument rated fixed wing pilot.italbot_test

His CPL (H) Modular took a little longer than normal due to him breaking his elbow just after starting the course. Thankfully he recovered quickly and was able to continue with his CPL training without too much of a break!

Here Ian is being congratulated by Head of Training, Capt. Duncan Bickley after completing the CPL (H) Modular Course Flying Training.