Flying Helicopters Self Fly Hire (SFH)

Once you have your helicopter pilot’s licence, you will, no doubt, want to use it to take friends and family flying or for business purposes.  Not everyone has the desire or the funds to purchase their own helicopter, so hiring is a excellent way of continuing to fly without the administration or cost of owning your own machine.IMG_0461

Flying off to a nice hotel for lunch, going to sporting events or visiting friends are all great ways to build your experience and we will be very happy to advise on how to tackle any of these challenges.



Both our R22’s, G-DLDL and G-TINK, R44 Raven I G-CFCM and also our R66 G-RMAR may be hired (subject to availability) by approved licence holders at our pro rata, hourly, SFH cost which can be found on our price list. The hourly rate is a wet rate i.e. with fuel & oil included in the price.G CFCM ArrivesDLDL01.jpg






If you upload fuel, you will need to keep your receipts and submit them to us, so that we can reimburse you.  Landing fees are however your responsibility.


Terms and conditions of hire are set out in our Self Fly Hire Agreement, a copy of which is in our Operations Manual and can be obtained from operations. You will need to understand your liabilities fully and we will ask you to sign a SFH agreement and our Flying Order Book before hiring.


Initially, we will also require you to have a check flight with one of our instructors before we allow you to take one of our helicopters off on your own.  This check flight forms part of your continuation training and its duration will vary depending on your overall and recent experience. We have a 28 day rule which requires you to have flown in the 28 days prior to each hiring. If you have not, we will ask you to fly with an instructor to demonstrate your skills are sufficiently current.

As a self fly hirer, you are responsible for ensuring that your medical, licence and ratings are valid and that you comply with the terms of the aircraft insurance. Should you damage the helicopter, you will be personably liable for any uninsured losses, so it is very important that you abide by the terms and conditions of opeartion and hire.

_mg_2901Once you are checked out, you may want to go off and explore the country on your own for a day or even several days. Subject to availability, you can hire a helicopter from us to go where you please.  Naturally we will be happy to advise on any problems you may encounter.  All we ask is that you fly sufficient hours to justify taking the helicopter away from base for the period proposed.

Naturally, we will be interested in where you are going and the landing sites you intend using just to ensure that you are not taking on anything too awkward.  We will probably want to discuss this in advance and may even suggest taking an instructor the first time you go there if that is practical.