Helicopter Licence or Helicopter License?

No matter how you spell it – License with an S or Licence with a C – obtaining a Helicopter Licence / License is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you will ever encounter. Imagine taking off in a single pilot helicopter with or without passengers and flying across the country, navigating your own way, communicating with the necessary Air Traffic agencies and landing somewhere convenient. Now that is a real achievement!

Obtaining a helicopter license licence isn’t easy and it doesn’t come cheap but it is achievable. For those who yearn to be free as an eagle, getting your private pilot’s licence for a helicopter is only the start of spreading your wings and taking to the air.

Our expert team are highly experienced in providing quality flight training whilst ensuring that it is fun but safe! If you think you are up to the challenge, click here for more information on getting a helicopter licence or even a helicopter license!  It could be the start of an exciting career or the coolest recreational activities. Your Call!