Helicopter Lessons – Time to tick something off your Bucket List


” I’ve always wanted to take helicopter lessons!”

“Take a helicopter lesson, that’s something I have always wanted to do!”


bucket-list-32 (1) 

“Fly a helicopter?  It’s on my bucket list!”

“It has to be done, It has to be ticked off! 




“When I win the lottery, I will learn to fly a helicopter!”

“I want to be a helicopter pilot!”



These are some of the quotes we most frequently hear in our flying school. Uttered by ordinary people who have long harboured an ambition to fly a helicopter and who have finally done something about it!

Time to Act! – Don’t be someone who just talks about it – why not do something positive today and book your helicopter flight experience today! Vouchers can be purchased over the phone!

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We look forward to flying with you!