Helicopter Flight Instructor Certificate Courses – FIC (H)


Course includes 30 hours of R22 flight training & 125 hours ground school.

Course availability from August 2017

Aeromega Helicopters have been providing high quality helicopter instructor courses at July 2013 028 - CopyCambridge for over 20 years. Captain Duncan Bickley has over 5,000 hours of helicopter instruction and a proven track record having conducted numerous FIC courses during the past 10 years.

We pride ourselves on being totally honest with prospective instructors, explaining all the costs and pitfalls of starting a career in the helicopter training industry.

Our fivefold promise to you is:

  • We will provide you with honest, unbiased advice on your options;
  • We will not make false promises about future employment or misleading claims;
  • We guarantee to be 100% straight with you about the reality of becoming a flying instructor;
  • We will not pressurise you into obtaining further ratings which may not be necessary;
  • We will train and prepare you to be a candidate who is attractive to the industry as a whole.

Get the low down from a reliable, long established helicopter company who cares about producing solid, fully prepared, new instructors to the helicopter industry.  There is no commitment on your part, so come and get some free advice. We don’t even ask you to pay for the whole course upfront!

Contact us or come and see us for a chat.

* Price does not include CAA Examiner Fees.