Helicopter Flight Experiences and Experience Voucher Companies – Cut Out the Middle Man!

There are a large number of Experience Voucher Companies operating in the UK who claim to offer helicopter flights or lessons. upset-guy-300x228Some of these are long established and reputable companies with a long track record and some are simply an individual with a website acting as a middle man broking the services of Flying Schools. These Voucher Companies will take your money, send you a voucher and then make the booking with a helicopter flying school. This suits many people and may well be ideal for your requirements.

However, if the Voucher Company goes bust, you will lose your money!  Alternatively, the company may sell you a voucher but may not be able to get a booking with an operation that is the most convenient for you. Lessons may have to be re-arranged due to weather, in which case you will have to re-book and communicate through this third party. You will also probably pay over the odds as the voucher companies like to add their profit onto the price charged by the flying school. So why not cut out the middle man? Go direct to your local helicopter flying school.

July 2013 028 - CopyIf you want to purchase an introductory helicopter flight or a helicopter trial lesson, we recommend that you purchase a voucher and make your booking direct with a CAA Authorised Training Organisation (ATO) like Aeromega Helicopters.  We actually owns and operate helicopters and can issue our own vouchers just as quickly as a broker.  ATO’s  are professional, CAA recognised flight training schools run by Commercial Pilots and Flying Instructors who fully understand the intricacies and subtleties of operating helicopters. They will give you the best value for money and you will by flying with highly qualified, experienced pilots who earn their living from rotary wing flying.

The choice is yours  – but remember  – it always pays to talk to people who actually do a job rather than someone who just sells a ticket or voucher from a desk!