Happy New Year 2019

A very happy New Year to all our customers from the staff at Aeromega.  We are very enthusiastic about 2019 and have a number of ideas to challenge our pilots during the coming months.


We are planning several trips to Paris and Rheims including a chance to fly into the Paris Heliport.  This may appeal to those whose partners are constantly hinting to be taken somewhere different by helicopter.


We now have the capability to help customers gain their site qualification to fly in and

out of the London Heliport at Battersea. This involves a briefing by the heliport ATC unit and if you combine it with flying some of the London Heli-routes, you’ll gain a huge amount of experience in a very short time. The intensive pilot workload will stretch your capacity whilst building invaluable experience.

Pricing & Operations

We are pleased to be able to hold our flying rates & landing fees at the current levels for the time being. You may be aware that due to staffing shortages in ATC, SFH at weekends can be a little unpredictable at the moment. We are negotiating a solution with the airport but nothing has been agreed yet. Flights during weekdays should be unaffected but if you want to fly at weekends, please call Candy in the office, she will be able to advise any restrictions on your intended flying.