Flight Instructor Revalidation (FI Reval)

Flight Instructors (FI) and Type Rating Instructors (TRI) are required to revalidate their instructor ratings every three years.  Assuming they have completed a minimum of 50 hours of flight instruction, revalidation may be achieved by attending a seminar or by undertaking an Assessment of Competence with an FIE during the third year.

Captain Duncan Bickley is a qualified FIE (Flight Instructor Examiner) which enables Aeromega to offer Flight Instructor revalidations by means of July 2013 025 - Copyan Assessment of Competence.  This can be conducted from our company base at Cambridge Airport or at your home airfield (subject to covering expenses).  We can provide a helicopter or you can bring your own whichever is more beneficial.  Aeromega Helicopters are authorised to conduct an FI reval. or a TRI reval. on any of the following types: R22, R44, R66 and B206.

An Assessment of Competence (AoC) is mandatory for every alternate revalidation and may be chosen for every reval if preferred; whilst this is more expensive, it gives the rare opportunity to fly with a very experienced instructor.

Guidance on what is required of an instructor undergoing an AoC is contained in Standards Document 10 H which may be downloaded from the CAA website.

The format of the day requires the Instructor Candidate to:

Brief and fly a selected exercise from the relevant syllabus acting as FI or TRI with the FIE playing the role of a PPL student. Followed by an FI debrief to the student and an FIE debrief to the candidate.

Prepare a lecture on a subject nominated by the FIE in advance. This should be take 30 to 45 minutes and be delivered using appropriate media.

The Theoretical Knowledge section of the AoC takes between 90 minutes and two hours and will encompass one or two questions on each of the following subjects:

  • Air Law,
  • Aircraft General Knowledge,
  • Flight Performance & Planning,
  • Human Performance,
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational Procedures
  • Principles of Flight
  • Training Administration

The object of this section is not just to ascertain the level of knowledge possessed by the instructor (which is assumed) but more to assess their ability to teach it.

Since revalidations only come around every three years, much can change during that time. It is easy to become out of date with legislation and standardization, so it is essential that you revalidate with an FIE who is active in the industry and familiar with the challenges of being a Flight Instructor.

AoC’s can be conducted anytime within the last 12 months of validity, so it is wise not to leave it until the last moment before booking.  Please contact Duncan or Candy at cambridge@aeromega.com or on 01223 294488 to discuss your requirements. Costs on application.