Our Head of Training, Capt Duncan Bickley is both a Flight Examiner (FE), a Type Rating Examiner (TRE) and a Flying Instructor Examiner (FIE).  He is available to carry out Proficiency Checks and Licence Skill Tests on the R22, R44, R66 and Bell 206 series. He is also authorised to conduct Assessments of Competence for the initial issue or revalidation/renewal of instructor certificates – FI or TRI.  He is happy to travel to your base airfield to conduct any tests or checks, provided that mileage is covered in addition to the normal test fee.

PPL Skills Test

Following a change in legislation, EASA has limited the amount of instruction an examiner may give to a PPL skill test candidate and still conduct the test. This has led to occasional difficulty in finding suitably qualified and available examiners.

Duncan is available to carry out PPL tests at any other flying schools or at Cambridge, if required.  We are happy to use your own helicopter, one you have leased or we can provide one from our fleet if that is helpful.

Proficiency Checks

Annual proficiency checks can be conducted by Duncan either from Cambridge or from your home base. Since it is rare for PPL’s to practice some of the manoeuvres covered in the Proficiency Check such as Autorotations and Engine off landings, Duncan or one of his team will be very happy to provide some revision training, prior to conducting the check flight.  If there are several of you at one base, Duncan is happy to charge a day rate to help you share costs.


Type Rating Tests

If you have completed a Type Rating Training course on the R22, R44, R66 or B206, Duncan will be happy to examine you once training is complete. Again, this can be conducted either at your home base or at Cambridge.


Flying Schools Cross Cooperation

Many schools will now find themselves in a situation where they do not have staff examiners able to test their customers.  We are happy to negotiate cross cooperative arrangements with other Flying Schools to overcome these difficulties. It goes without saying that our examiner will respect schools’ relationships with their customers.

Flight Instructor Certificate Renewal or Revalidation

As a fully qualified Flight Instructor Examiner – FIE (H), Duncan can assist instructor in completing the revalidation or renewal of their FI or TRI rating.  Click here to see more detail about instructor revalidation or renewal.