Modern business demands and increasingly hectic social calendars mean that many of us now travel further and more frequently. Aeromega can arrange a safe and highly G-RMARconvenient point to point charter, tailored to your requirements. We use the Robinson R66 helicopter which carries up to 4 passengers plus luggage.  It is fast, efficient and excellent value making charters more affordable than you may think.

Avoid congestion

Inadequate road systems, unreliable rail services, airline delays and an increasing risk to personal security mean that travelling time is becoming more unpredictable and more stressful.

Save time

Chartered helicopters can land and take off at or close to your departure and arrival points. Simple boarding procedures and uninterrupted straight-line flights, can significantly reduce travelling time.

Save money

Helicopter hire is cheaper per passenger mile than you may imagine.  A demanding schedule makes your time valuable. Helicopter travel saves time – and time is money!

Save resources

Key personnel are expensive. Decision-makers need to be conducting business rather than waste time sitting in traffic, waiting for trains or queuing at airline check-ins.

We can arrange helicopter charter throughout the UK.