Day Trip to Le Touquet – 2017

Bonjour mes amis!
We are proposing a day trip to Le Touquet, Paris Plage on Friday 25th August 2017 which is the start of the bank holiday weekend.

Our aim would be to leave Cambridge no later than 09:00 local to get to France in time to have lunch, explore the town and return to Cambridge before close at 18:00. The Paris Plage airfield is very friendly and a Channel Crossing is good experience for anyone who has not yet crossed an FIR boundary. Once there, it is a short bike or taxi ride into town where the restaurants are excellent, particularly if you like seafood. There is a very pleasant beach and an interesting assortment of shops.
The trip is open to all PPL holders – we’d like to take the R44’s but might consider R22’s if there is enough enthusiasm. Please let Candy know if you are interested and pay your £100 deposit to secure a booking.

A bientot!

Duncan & Team

Flight Instructor Examiner (FIE)

We are delighted to announce that Captain Duncan Bickley has been appointed as a FIEFlight Instructor Examiner meaning that Aeromega is able to offer Flight Instructor Assessments of Competence (AoC) to Flight Instructors during the last 12 months of their FI authorisation. Please click here to go to our FIE page and find out what is involved.

5,000 Hours of Instruction Logged

Instruction (2)Our Head of Training, Captain Duncan Bickley has just passed the landmark of logging his 5,000th hour of instruction given. Duncan has been instructing since 1998 and with Aeromega Helicopters since 2004.  He has trained numerous PPL, CPL and FIC students in the Robinson R22, R44, R66, the B206 Jet Ranger and the EC120.

What does he say about teaching people to fly helicopters?  “Flying a helicopter is without doubt, one of the most challenging activities you can undertake.  Teaching someone else raises the stakes even more but it is incredibly rewarding.  You get to see customers who once walked through the door as novices working in the industry earning their living as professional helicopter pilots.  Others who fly their own helicopter into an altiport in the French Alps or even fly to pick up their daughter from Glastonbury. It gives you a real buzz to know that they enjoy such experiences because of the knowledge that you have passed on.

Hi Vi Fly

Check out the new Aeromega Hi Visibility rig that we’ve just acquired. Airfield security compliant and very stylish in the corporate colours. Hi Vi (2)

Head of Training seen here modelling the XXL size.




Remember wearing a Hi Viz is mandatory when airside.

Safety Notice for Carrying Passengers

Robinson Helicopters have raised safety notice SN 44 Carrying Passengers regarding the additional risks of carrying passengers. It underlines the importance of a thorough safety briefing for all passengers before flight which is a legal requirement anyway.

A useful video has been produced to remind pilots of their obligations when taking passengers flying.  Please watch this video and ensure you adopt similar practices to those mentioned.

The Safety Notice also goes on to recommend minimum hours for newly rated pilots to carry passengers. Whilst Safety Notices are useful in identifying areas of increased risk, they are not mandatory.

Aeromega customers are well trained and we already have a framework to support and monitor newly rated pilots who wish to self fly hire helicopters carrying passengers.  In completing our risk assessment, we have produced our own guidance on how the risks identified in this Safety Notice will be mitigated. All rated pilots are requested to read and absorb the recommendations and be aware of the requirements of our framework.

Alex Lock – New PPL

Alex Locke New PPL (H)A great effort from Alex Lock in fitting in a PPL course around his obligations with Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force.  It’s taken Alex 3 years since starting his training as he has had to take frequent breaks to serve his country.  Well done Alex.

Rates & Prices

Please be aware that the revised price list for 2017 comes into effect on the 1st February.

Please take a moment to acquaint yourselves with the new rates before you next fly.  DSC_0231_01Whilst price rises are always unpopular, it is worth noting that this is our first increase for three years.  We have been able to hold rates due to the lower price of fuel but the rising price oil price is beginning to have a significant effect.

Also increasing costs of maintenance, regulatory oversight and rent mean that we have had to bite the bullet and raise our rates this year.

As always, we are grateful to our customers for their continued support and look forward to flying with you soon.

Website Update

Some of you may notice that we have changed the format of the website slightly, mainly to make it a bit more usable on phones.  All the same information is still there, we have just swapped the Menu structure around a bit. Let Duncan know if you can’t find something.

Hope it’s better to use.

Aeromega Team