Type Rating Revalidation During Coronavirus Lockdown

There are many aspects of the current restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus lockdown.

One aspect of which is ensuring your helicopter ratings can remain valid which is normally achieved by means of Proficiency Checks.

The CAA have issued an exemption ORS 1374 which contains procedures to enable licence holders to extend the validity of type ratings (and medical certificates) by means of
a briefing from a Flight Examiner.

For those pilots whose ratings expire between 16th March 2020 and 31st October 2020, a briefing may be given to extend the rating until the expiry of the exemption currently, 22nd November 2020.

The briefing and paperwork may be conducted remotely, so if your ratings are due to expire during this period, and you want to revalidate, you should contact me before your expiry date and book a time to complete the briefing.

Each briefing will take approximately one hour and will be type specific. It will cover theoretical knowledge applicable to type and cover normal and abnormal procedures. Whilst it is a briefing, it will be an interactive process and you will be expected to demonstrate the expected level of knowledge as if you were presenting yourself for a Proficiency Check.

Briefings are type specific and only one type rating will be renewed at a time, so you should first focus on the earliest occurring expiry.

Briefings can be conducted remotely, e.g. by FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or similar.

For more information, email dbickley@aeromega.com.


IMPORTANT NOTICE – Closure of Aeromega Helicopter’s Cambridge Base

It is with great regret that Aeromega Helicopters have to announce we will cease operating from our existing Cambridge offices on 31st October 2019. Despite being a profitable, safe and professional training school for the last twenty two years at Cambridge, we have fallen victim to the greed of developers and are being forced out by our landlords. However until that date we will be flying and operating as normal.

This is a particularly serious development for the future of helicopter general aviation in England as we are the last remaining, full time, helicopter training company operating on the Eastern side of the country between the Thames and Newcastle!

Even more frustrating, we have been unable to find an alternative base. Nearly all small airfields now seem to be under threat of closure for development or have planning restrictions that preclude helicopters.

We will continue seeking a new home and hope we may be able to reopen in Spring 2020 at a new location but as yet we have no confirmed option.

Consequently, we cannot take any bookings beyond 31st October 2019. Whilst we will make every effort to complete flights and training before that date, we are unable to guarantee operations beyond 31st October 2019, so we shall not be selling any more of our own flight vouchers. Should you already have a voucher for a City Tour or Introductory Lesson, it’s expiry date should fall before that date; we recommend that you book and use the voucher well in advance, so that weather does not preclude taking your flight before expiry.

We would like to thank all customers, owners and staff for their contribution over the years at Cambridge and we can only hope that we will be able to start a new chapter somewhere else in 2020.

We’d also like to emphasise that this planned closure is solely down to a lack of available accommodation and not, in any way, being forced by financial considerations.

Capt. Duncan Bickley will continue to be an instructor and examiner to provide continuation training, examinations and proficiency checks for license holders. He will also be available for other types of advanced training by arrangement on a freelance basis.


Simon’s Trip to Le Touquet

Well done to Simon Turner who took our R66, G-RMAR to Le Touquet for the weekend. It all went very well apparently until some unfortunate fixed wing ran off the runway at LFAT and the airfield was closed, effectively trapping Simon and passengers in France. Quelle dommage! However being a helicopter, they eventually let him go and he returned safely. 

Pledge-a-Pint UK Helicopter Tour 2019

A new challenge for you all – please support Dan Mercer on
his Pledge A Pint Tour of the UK. Dan will be flying around the entire UK coast in June 2019, stopping off at various key locations to raise awareness of the need for new blood donors. For more information, please visit the tour website http://www.pledgeapint.com.

Dan learned to fly a helicopter with us several years ago – starting on the Robinson R22 two seater, he then graduated to the Robinson R44 – a four seat version with greater range which he will be using for the trip.

Dan will be accompanied by Capt. Duncan Bickley, Head of Training at Aeromega as they set off from Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge to circumnavigate the UK. Duncan thinks this kind of adventure is exactly what private helicopter pilots should be tackling to develop their skills and experience. However an extra pair of eyes will definitely help Dan complete the challenge safely.

Duncan has been a blood and platelet donor on and off for over 40 years. “It’s very easy to get of of the habit of giving blood if you have a cold or need medication for a while – so hopefully Dan’s trip will give a nudge to remind any lapsed donors to Pledge a Pint but its new donors we really need!”

Flying around the UK is a challenge that Dan has long wanted to undertake and he has good reason to help find new donors – see his story by following the link below.

If you are not already a blood donor, we’d love you to support us by signing up at www.pledgeapint.com and Pledge that Pint.

Once we set off, you can follow the progress of the trip by satellite using the Iridium link on the Pledge a Pint website www.pledgeapint.com




Paris Heliport

Great New Opportunity – Weekend in ParisFacebook

Last winter Duncan obtained his Site Qualification to use the Paris Heliport and Heliroutes. He is now able to fly with licence holders right into the heart of Paris and land at the Issy Les Moulineaux Heliport.

This is just 2 hours’ flight time from Cambridge and
we can clear customs without stopping off.  This provides a great opportunity for day trips or a weekend break, particularly if we use the R66. Duncan will be setting aside several weekends during the next 8 months to take advantage of this opportunity. We can only accommodate one ship trips for the time being, so why not take the family for an unforgettable weekend.

I know many of our existing customers will relish the chance to experience Paris from the air. Here are a few pictures taken last weekend to whet your appetite but see the Facebook page for more.

Normal instructed rates will apply plus a trip fee of £150 + vat payable as a deposit.




Happy New Year 2019

A very happy New Year to all our customers from the staff at Aeromega.  We are very enthusiastic about 2019 and have a number of ideas to challenge our pilots during the coming months.


We are planning several trips to Paris and Rheims including a chance to fly into the Paris Heliport.  This may appeal to those whose partners are constantly hinting to be taken somewhere different by helicopter.


We now have the capability to help customers gain their site qualification to fly in and

out of the London Heliport at Battersea. This involves a briefing by the heliport ATC unit and if you combine it with flying some of the London Heli-routes, you’ll gain a huge amount of experience in a very short time. The intensive pilot workload will stretch your capacity whilst building invaluable experience.

Pricing & Operations

We are pleased to be able to hold our flying rates & landing fees at the current levels for the time being. You may be aware that due to staffing shortages in ATC, SFH at weekends can be a little unpredictable at the moment. We are negotiating a solution with the airport but nothing has been agreed yet. Flights during weekdays should be unaffected but if you want to fly at weekends, please call Candy in the office, she will be able to advise any restrictions on your intended flying.




Flight Instructor Examiner (FIE)

We are delighted to announce that Captain Duncan Bickley has been appointed as a FIEFlight Instructor Examiner meaning that Aeromega is able to offer Flight Instructor Assessments of Competence (AoC) to Flight Instructors during the last 12 months of their FI authorisation. Please click here to go to our FIE page and find out what is involved.

5,000 Hours of Instruction Logged

Instruction (2)Our Head of Training, Captain Duncan Bickley has just passed the landmark of logging his 5,000th hour of instruction given. Duncan has been instructing since 1998 and with Aeromega Helicopters since 2004.  He has trained numerous PPL, CPL and FIC students in the Robinson R22, R44, R66, the B206 Jet Ranger and the EC120.

What does he say about teaching people to fly helicopters?  “Flying a helicopter is without doubt, one of the most challenging activities you can undertake.  Teaching someone else raises the stakes even more but it is incredibly rewarding.  You get to see customers who once walked through the door as novices working in the industry earning their living as professional helicopter pilots.  Others who fly their own helicopter into an altiport in the French Alps or even fly to pick up their daughter from Glastonbury. It gives you a real buzz to know that they enjoy such experiences because of the knowledge that you have passed on.

Hi Vi Fly

Check out the new Aeromega Hi Visibility rig that we’ve just acquired. Airfield security compliant and very stylish in the corporate colours. Hi Vi (2)

Head of Training seen here modelling the XXL size.




Remember wearing a Hi Viz is mandatory when airside.