Another Solo, well done Tim

Phew, back on terra firma

Well normally it’s like this – You put your head outside, the wind’s gusting and trying to blow your wig off, the wind sock’s trying to go in three different directions at once and you think to yourself “Ah, Tim must be on his way in to the school”.

Well not today, it was a pefectly calm afternoon, the wind dropped away and Tim was ready, so solo I sent him.

Very well done Tim.

Tim takes to the sky

A big well done to Tim Hage who took an R22 up for a spin all on his own today. A few circuits first with Ali and off he went, unaccompanied and unafraid, well at least that’s what he said!


Zahid gets his R44 wings

Here’s one we nearly forgot, just came across this picture taken of Zahid the day he passed his R44 Type Rating Skills Test with Duncan back in September last year. Well it’s never to late to say well done Zahid!

Mike goes solo

Another fledgling takes to the sky without his instructor, Mike did his first solo on Mon 9th May. Well done Mike from everyone at Aeromega!

Malcolm goes solo

After many frustrating delays for weather Malcolm finally had his day. A few engine offs, three perfect circuits and solo I sent him. Of course I’d like to make some jovial reference to Malcolm’s “steady hands” or the “surgical precision” of the flying but all that’s needed is a big well done from the team at Aeromega.

Neils goes solo

A very big well done to Neils (left) who took G-CDAW out for a spin, on his own, for the first time yesterday with a perfect landing onto H1. Congratulations!

Michael Barratt

Michael Barratt

It was with great sadness that we learned of Michael Barratt’s death in May last year.

Michael had been fighting cancer for the previous 2 years and seemed to have been making great progress with his treatment.  Michael loved flying and whilst he had to work incredibly hard to get his licence, he developed into a very competant PPL.  He achieved his great ambition when he acquired a brand new R44 G-WEAT in 2009.

Michael was very popular with our other customers and particularly with the staff. Duncan often had to fight off both Ian and Ali to be Michael’s safety pilot on the many happy trips to some wonderful places. These were great occasions as we invariably got fed, Michaels preparation was always extremely thorough and we always had great fun.

Michael epitomised the enthusiastic PPL determined to make the most of his opportunity despite his failing health.  He was only 59 but during the short time he had G-WEAT, he certainly stretched himself to gain as much experience as possible.

We all miss him greatly.