New Toy – a Robinson R66 Turbine Helicopter joins the Aeromega Fleet

G-RMARWhat can we say but Congratulations to our customer Marfleet Civil Engineering Ltd who have just purchased a beautiful R66 helicopter.  Roy and Ian have just completed their R66 type ratings and today Roy flew it into Cambridge so that we could all have a gander at this exciting new type for Aeromega.

We are particularly excited as Marfleet have kindly agreed that G-RMAR can be added to the Aeromega Training Fleet for type rating training and self fly hire. Together with our R66 Panelpartners, we hope to be operating this helicopter for activities as Pleasure Flying, Corporate Hospitality Events, public transport for weddings and sporting events:- The Epsom Derby, Royal Ascot, motor racing racing at Silverstone and Goodwood.

We are working hard on getting the various approvals that we need in place and very much hope that within a couple of months, our customers will be able to experience this incredible machine.

New R22 Safety Notice

R22 SN 43 A5 PrintRobinson Helicopters have issued this safety notice regarding flights after maintenance checks. It is stating the obvious but nevertheless a timely reminder that we are all human and that there are certain times when extra care is essential.  Please remember there is only one pre-flight check and that is a full check.     You can print out an A5 sized copy by clicking on the image below for insertion into your copy manuals for future reference.

Tim Hage CPL (H)

Well done to Tim Hage who passed his CPL (H) Test with Captain Geoff Day on Tuesday September 2014.  Congratulations from all at Aeromega.


Tim has worked very hard during his course to overcome several challenges; losing his original instructor due to medical reasons, then having to travel to Coventry airport to get his Night Qualification sorted which meant flying till midnight.

Tim and Geoff CPL

CAA Examiner Geoff Day congratulates Tim after his successful flight test.



Tim Ian Duncan CPL

New Captain Tim Hage, flanked by CFI Capt Duncan Bickley (L) and Capt Ian Mills (R) CPL Instructor


Well done also to Instructor Ian Mills who took over as CPL Instructor and completed the course with Tim with minimal disruption.

Dan Mercer Passes PPL (H) Skills Test


Dan MercerMany congratulations to Dan Mercer for passing his skills test on 7th May 2014.  Dan had to cancel his test four times due to inclement weather, so understandably he was very relieved to get through the day before the rain arrived.  Nevertheless the sun had disappeared by the time we managed to get his PPL Passed photo taken.  Well done Dan!

I Want to be a Helicopter Pilot – R22 or R44 ?

Many new students find it difficult to decide which helicopter type will be best for their training.

We have just added a new page laying out some of the considerations that you may wish to take into account in making your decision.

Click here or look at the Training Menu above.


EASA PPL (H) Theoretical Knowledge

With the implementation of EASA, a new set of requirements has come into force requiring the written exams for the PPL (H) to be tackled in a certain manner. The source information can be found in the CAA information notice IN-2013/061 available to be downloaded from the CAA website.DSC_0128

 In summary, there are 9 exams:

Air Law, Operational Procedures, Communications

Navigation, Meteorology, Flight Planning and Performance

Principles of Flight, Aircraft General Knowledge, Human Performance

You have to pass all 9 exams within the following constraints:

●          You have 18 months from the date of your first attempt to pass all 9 exams;

●          You have 3 attempts to pass each subject;

●          You have six sittings to pass all exams.

NB: A sitting is defined as attending an examination centre for the purpose of taking one or more exams and can last for a period of up to ten days. It is therefore no longer possible to study and then sit individual exams since this would require at least nine sittings.

We are recommending the following approach for PPL students:-

photo (3)Study and sit 3 exams at each sitting;

Any re-sit constitutes a new sitting, so failed papers should only be re-sat along with new subjects;

Probably the best strategy is to tackle the subjects in the order of the 3 groups as laid out above.

Under EASA rules which came into effect on 1st September 2013, PPL (H) students need to complete a structured course of training covering the syllabus of the 9 subjects comprising of a minimum of 100 hours.

The Aeromega Helicopters structured course is specified in the company’s PPL (H) Training Manual, but broadly, it requires completion of the following:

Aeromega students are recommended to enrol on its branded PPL (H) online course.  This course keeps track of time spent studying and ensures that the whole syllabus is covered.

Prior to each sitting, students are required to spend one hour of one-to-one groundschool with an Aeromega Instructor, who will assess the candidate’s knowledge and verify that they have completed the required modules of the online course.

Candidates who do not wish to use the online course may study from other published material such as the AFE or Trevor Thom range of books.

Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, East of England, Hertfordshire & Essex Helicopters ready for takeoff!!

” Fly a helicopter? –  It’s something I have always wanted to do!”  When your job is teaching members of the public how to fly a helicopter, you get to hear that a lot.  Our business is teaching the people of Cambridge, Suffolk, Norfolk, Herts and Essex helicopter flying skills.  Based at Cambridge Airport, Aeromega Helicopters are the premier helicopter training school in East Anglia.

Formed over 20 years ago, we are a stable and established helicopter flying school with a first class fleet and a team of dedicated professional instructors.

If you are one of the many who say “It’s something I have always wanted to do! “, Dominic LawfordNow is the time to do something about it!  From a 30 minute trial lesson to a Helicopter Flying Instructor Course, we can provide a bespoke package to help you achieve your dream.

Two for One Saturday!

Big day today, not only did JP complete his first solo but we also welcome a new PPL as Guy Hayward successfully completed his skills test.

You can tell by the smile what the result was!

You can tell by the smile what the result was!