Alex Lock – New PPL

Alex Locke New PPL (H)A great effort from Alex Lock in fitting in a PPL course around his obligations with Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force.  It’s taken Alex 3 years since starting his training as he has had to take frequent breaks to serve his country.  Well done Alex.

Rates & Prices

Please be aware that the revised price list for 2017 comes into effect on the 1st February.

Please take a moment to acquaint yourselves with the new rates before you next fly. 
Whilst price rises are always unpopular, it is worth noting that this is our first increase for three years.  We have been able to hold rates due to the lower price of fuel but the rising price oil price is beginning to have a significant effect.

Also increasing costs of maintenance, regulatory oversight and rent mean that we have had to bite the bullet and raise our rates this year.

As always, we are grateful to our customers for their continued support and look forward to flying with you soon.

Website Update

Some of you may notice that we have changed the format of the website slightly, mainly to make it a bit more usable on phones.  All the same information is still there, we have just swapped the Menu structure around a bit. Let Duncan know if you can’t find something.

Hope it’s better to use.

Aeromega Team

“Nighthawk” Flying Experiences

R44 Night Sunset R22


Now that the clocks have changed, the dark evenings are upon us.  This makes it hard to stay current during the winter months as days are short and the weather is less dependable.

Why not take the opportunity to experience flying at night? It is an amazing experience and you will learn a great deal in a very short time.  You don’t need a full night rating (15 hours) but you can  get a valuable insight into Night Flying in just a couple of hours with an instructor.


You will get real value from understanding the difficulties you might encounter when it starts to get dark!  During December and January, we can start night flying as early as 16:00 and go on to 20:00, so why not book in with Duncan for a couple of sessions. Duncan has been night flying at Cambridge for 18 years and has overseen 20 + night ratings.

Prices and fees are charged at our normal rates and can be arranged through Operations, please give us a call on 01223 294488.


R66 Helicopter Charter Flights

We are “over the moon” to announce that we can once again provide charter flights using the versatile Robinson R66 helicopter.  Thanks to our friends at MDS CivilG-RMAR Engineering Ltd and our colleagues at Heliair Ltd, we have recently commenced public transport, charter flights to meet your bespoke transport requirements.

Fast, efficient, point to point flights can get you to and from your appointment or engagement with minimal fuss and stress.

Arrive or depart in style at your wedding, a sporting event, your prom or a May ball.

Call our charter department on 01223 294488 or e-mail us at


Useful information

We can carry up to 4 passengers plus luggage (subject to weight limitations) and can take off and land from suitable sites with permission of the land owner.

The cost depends on your specific requirements, so we need a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve before we can provide an indicative quote.  Prices start from £600 plus vat.

To obtain a quote you will need to provide us with the following information:

Postcodes for any departure and landing site;

Approximate weights of all intended passengers;

Times for departures or arrivals (NB: charters must be completed between sunrise and sunset, no night flying permitted).




Al Auchincloss Helipad Departure Video

Former student, instructor and regular on the Alps trip, Al Auchincloss has just Ali Auchinclosspublished a video of an Air Ambulance Helipad departure from London Hospital. (Click on his picture) Very cool!  Here’s something to aspire to and it shows you really can achieve your dreams if you get good training. Al has been a training captain for the Air Ambulance service for about a year and has recently become a TRI.

Megeve 2016

Thanks once again to all the customers and staff who made our visit to Megeve another successful trip.  The enthusiasm and generosity of our customers and owners was very much appreciated by all the team.

It wasn’t quite like previous years, 3 days to get there, Duncan & John ill for a day each and not much mountain flying before coming home early. Sadly we can’t Greg Le Touquethave wonderful weather every year.  Such are the joys of flying in the mountains but it was a great learning experience, with all of us getting some real decision making practice. We also got to see some more of France: Troyes, Troyes again, a field somewhere near Santenay and Chalon!

I must say particular thanks to Ian and Ali who more or less carried the trip down and were an enormous support to me whilst my thoughts were elsewhere. Delighted to say that my father is making good progress, thanks for all the kind concern shown.

MegeveI must also say thanks to our old friends at Aeroclub de Megeve, sorry we didn’t spend as long with you as we had hoped. Also thanks to our new friends at Mont Blanc Helicopters for the Jet A1! Not forgetting the fixer Tim without whom I would be stuck.

I know the trip back was hard going but with the weather behaving as it did, I think we made the correct decision to cross the channel – best weather of the trip, thanks to Greg for the photos.  It was also nice to see Alex and Rob stepping up to the challenge of getting us home.  Finally thanks to Candy for her help in organising things and sending out the invoices!

GregI very much look forward to doing it all again with you sometime – just not for few weeks until I have got a bit of resting done.