Professional & Advanced Helicopter Training UK

Following your success gaining a PPL(H), you may want to continue with advanced training.  Click on the following blue links to find out more.

Type Rating Training

R22, R44, R66 & B206 courses available. Expand your experience by learning to fly a different type. Courses are usually a minimum of 5 hours’ flying and 5 hours’ ground school and can often be completed within a week. Flying larger helicopters prepares you for dealing with multiple passengers and helps you develop your captaincy skills.




Commercial Pilot’s LicenceBars

CPL (H) Modular Flying Course

30 hours’ flight training to become a professional pilot.

Considering a CPL Course?






Dave Lawrence FIFlying Instructor Course

Flying Instructor’s Course:

30 hours flight training plus 125 hours of ground school.  For those keen to develop their understanding of flying helicopters, an excellent way to progress is to become an instructor.  There is nothing like having to teach a subject to get you to a higher level of understanding.  It’s a great lifestyle and you get paid to go flying!




Helicopter Instructor Revalidation / Renewal

FIE Capt. Duncan Bickley with CPL Instructor Capt. Ian Mills and newly qualified instructor Capt. Tim Hage

Our Head of Training is a CAA/EASA approved Flight Instructor Examiner.  He can conduct Assessments of Competence during the third year of your instructor rating to allow you to continue working as an instructor. Click on the section title for more information.