5,000 Hours of Instruction Logged

Instruction (2)Our Head of Training, Captain Duncan Bickley has just passed the landmark of logging his 5,000th hour of instruction given. Duncan has been instructing since 1998 and with Aeromega Helicopters since 2004.  He has trained numerous PPL, CPL and FIC students in the Robinson R22, R44, R66, the B206 Jet Ranger and the EC120.

What does he say about teaching people to fly helicopters?  “Flying a helicopter is without doubt, one of the most challenging activities you can undertake.  Teaching someone else raises the stakes even more but it is incredibly rewarding.  You get to see customers who once walked through the door as novices working in the industry earning their living as professional helicopter pilots.  Others who fly their own helicopter into an altiport in the French Alps or even fly to pick up their daughter from Glastonbury. It gives you a real buzz to know that they enjoy such experiences because of the knowledge that you have passed on.